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Good&Co Teamwork: Spark collaboration in your team

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Want to build the perfect team? How about improve team dynamics?

Spark collaboration and constructive conversation to unite and empower your teams with 1 quiz, 18 fun questions.

Discover your unique strengths to transform your work team with the Good&Co Teamwork app. The same psychometric data that powers the Good&Co personality test is now ready to help you improve collaboration with coworkers and work more efficiently in teams.

Compare your personality traits and communication style to coworkers with an 18-question quiz based on 5 years of psychology-based research. Each quiz will pinpoint your unique personality traits to help you figure out which role on your work team makes the most sense.

Maybe you’re the mediator? This person helps smooth out conflict when personalities clash. You could also be the pace setter. This person delegates tasks and lives by deadlines. What about the innovator? This person is the big ideas person, the visionary.

These are just some examples. To find out which of the 16 personality archetypes match your unique set of personality traits, download the Teamwork app to take the short 18-question quiz now.

In addition to figuring out your own personality traits and what they mean for your work team, you can use these insights to help you assess group compatibility, learn team strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately improve the company culture at your workplace.

To help your team work better together, the Good&Co Teamwork app allows you to:
- Assess team members
- Discover your team fitscore and diversity score
- Understand coworkers’ personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses
- Define your team persona, collaboration, and communication style

Once you create your profile on the Good&Co Teamwork app, you can invite teammates to discover their own unique work style. All insights will be captured in the Teamwork app dashboard, which will describe your team’s persona, including strengths and weaknesses. The insights section provides details on your team’s diversity and flexibility levels. Once you discover your team’s unique collaboration style, you’ll be to tackle projects more effectively with better communication and collaboration.

Building a better work culture starts with unlocking your own potential. Use our psychology-based insights to match your personality traits to the best communication style and specifically improve:

Teamwork requires collaboration across multiple personalities and multiple departments. Each person should take the time to understand how his or her skills and talents fit with other team members. To optimize for efficiency, each team member must understand what their role is and how to use it to contribute to the team's success. Depending on the team, the roles might be as simple as providing support and morale, whereas other employees might provide technical expertise. Each member of the team should understand that everyone's part in the project is important.

Problem Solving
In any team setting, problems and conflict will arise. To reduce stress and inefficiency, an effective team must develop its own strategy of problem solving and conflict management. The strategy will differ from team to team based on the specific situations and the individual members. As the team works out the problem-solving methods that work best for the team’s unique dynamics, the team will be more resilient and effective.

Unifying Behind a Mission
Sharing a mission will help all team members feel united, all working towards the same goal. Sharing the same goal will also help align priorities, timelines, and deadlines. When issues arise, the team can resolve problems and disagreements quickly by determining what is best for reaching the end goal.

Find your fit. Find your future.

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