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GO!MCH -MyCryptoHeroes-

1.0.6 for Android

La description de GO!MCH

“GO!MCH” is an application dedicated to “MycryptoHeroes” developed using blockchain technology.
With Ethereum wallet management function, the ownership of the ERC721 standard recorded on the Ethereum network is proved.

[What you can do with GO!MCH]

1. Safely manage “MyCryptoHeroes” assets!

Manage your ERC721 standard assets safely.
The assets of “MyCryptoHeroes” can be transferred through an external website.
The “MyCryptoHeroes” operator does not store your private key at all (the private key is kept only on the device) and will not be hacked unless you tell someone the key.

2. You can easily receive Ethereum from the exchange!

With Ethereum's wallet function, you can receive Ethereum from over 60 external cryptocurrency exchanges with a simple operation.

3. Deliver the "MyCryptoHeroes" strategy information at the fastest speed!

You can quickly view "MyCryptoHeroes" strategy information, the latest news, and official comments.

“MyCryptoHeroes” is a registered trademark and service provided by double Inc.
The provider of “GO!MCH” will be Smart App Inc.
Licensed to be provided as a capture app by double Inc.

GO!MCH 1.0.6 Mise à jour

The wallet function has been tuned.


Additional Information

Catégories: Gratuit Divertissement APPLICATION

Date de publication:

Uploaded by: Lars Doldersum

Dernière version: 1.0.6Demande GO!MCH mise à jour

Available on: Télécharger GO!MCH sur Google Play

Exigences: Android 6.0+

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