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La description de DME Live 2.0

Have you ever dreamed about learning how an airport operates?
What if we offer you the chance to manage the largest airport in all of Russia and Eastern Europe, Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport?
First, download the app. Then, meet your first flight and prepare it to take off as soon as possible: load the fuel, meals, and luggage and then board the passengers. Is everything ready? Then send your flight to the runway and get ready for the next one!
Dozens of planes arrive and depart every minute, transporting thousands of passengers and tons of cargo. Night follows day, winter comes after summer, and the work at the airport doesn’t stop for a moment! You’re in control of all the airport’s functions, and the success of your airport depends on you. The faster and the more effectively you manage flights, the more revenue your airport generates. Don't forget to reinvest some of your profits back into the airport, as the number of planes grows it gets harder to coordinate them.
DME Live 2 - your airport in your pocket

DME Live 2.0 2.5.2 Mise à jour

While we're all waiting for air traffic to return to its regular level, let's try DME Live 2.0 fresh update! Control your airport from home & stay safe!

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Uploaded by: Guanxun Cai

Dernière version: 2.5.2Demande DME Live 2.0 mise à jour

Available on: Télécharger DME Live 2.0 sur Google Play

Exigences: Android 5.0+

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