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2.0.6 for Android


La description de Device Info

Device Info brings precision in understanding what is under the hood of your android cell phone. App is showing few basic information about device in the main screen and from there it brings you to more advanced data. In the main menu you can visit 9 modules which will give you detail information about installed HW features of your phone or about current phone performance:

March 2020
- !NEW! - Huge list of device properties (build properties) - available from main screen.

- CPU: Type, Frequency, CPU features, etc

- Memory: Real RAM usage, Information about all available storage areas

- Battery Information

- Camera: Displays general camera feature support, front and back camera's specific features

- Location: Location wise information and performance data. Active satellites list used in fix, NMEA feed logging with possibility of saving log to SD card

- SIM & Phone: All available info from SIM and current radio status, also supports DUAL SIM phones.

- Sensors Info: List of available sensors and sensor readings from most of the standard sensors in REAL TIME

- Display: Screen parameters including information which resources are being loaded in your phone

- Network: Shows WLAN and WAN connectivity, Periodically collects network information (addresses, SNR) and displays it on screen, WiFi feature list (Android 5.0+)

Get your phone information exported to your email. Every info screen has the share button which will help you to export your information from the phone.

Don't hesitate to post your feedback especially if you look for any improvement.

Device Info 2.0.6 Mise à jour

- LTE/5G Cell Bands
- PLMN list configured on cell tower
- Meteredness of cellular connection
- 5G Non Stand Alone Detection
- Closed Subscriber Group detection

- Added Wifi Standard Detection
- Added Max Supported TX/RX Link Speed
- 6GHz Band Support Detection
- Station+AP Concurrency Support Detection
- WAPI Support Detection
- Wifi Scan Throttling Detection
- Added Satellite Count Used in GPS Fix
- Satellite Constellation Type
- Added in app review submission

Additional Information

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Uploaded by: Ericsson Adelino

Dernière version: 2.0.6Demande Device Info mise à jour

Available on: Télécharger Device Info sur Google Play

Exigences: Android 4.2+

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