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Live camera search

0.1.1 for Android


La description de Ctrl F

Using live camera feed, this app highlights text that you search for in green, helping you quickly find that important information you need in a long block of text. No more using fingers to trace long tedious printed documents! It can search all kinds of physical printed text. To search, hold camera so that the text is recognized by white boxes, then type in what you want to Control F search.

Ever wanted to Ctrl F on a science textbook to just find the part you need for a homework question? Ever wanted to Ctrl F a shopping mall's navigation legend of 200 stores just to find McDonald's? That's the inspiration behind this app.

Limitations: there are a lot of factors in the accuracy of this app:
1. the camera quality directly affects how well the OCR recognize text.
2. the font of the text directly affects how accurate the OCR is (handwriting probably won't work)
3. currently, it uses exact match for search, I may try to implement fuzzy-search in the future.
4. currently, it only searches for words on 1 line. I may separate keywords by space and search multi-line in the future.
5. I have more planned for this app! like searching an already captured photo, so stay tuned!

Built using Google Mobile Vision API.

In the day and age of information, sometimes there's too much information, and this app helps you find just the important ones.

Ctrl F 0.1.1 Mise à jour

- NEW: flash light on and off
- FIX: auto-focus

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