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Cleaner App - Junk Photo - Junk Notification..

1.17 for Android


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Do you often deal with slowdowns and phone throttling? Do you face storage issues while downloading new apps, games & movies?

The Cleaner App works as an all-in-one optimizer for your Android smartphone. Apart from a junk cleaner & RAM booster, this powerful app comes with cutting edge features such as a CPU cooler, App Recovery, Software Update, Batch Uninstaller, Internet Blocker, Notification Blocker & much much more...

Main Features

Junk Cleaner🗑️
This app scans your phone for junk files, cache, useless APKs, temp files & log files and removes them with one tap. This app rids your phone of junk files that consume storage & slowdown your phone. This feature will find junk files on your phone and safely remove them to free up memory and storage space.

RAM Booster🚀
Stops all background processes, optimizes your RAM usage, thus boosting performance in the process. This feature is handy for power users as it frees-up RAM for power-intensive tasks. Using this feature will make your smartphone experience completely effortless. For devices that are incredibly sluggish in the performance department, we would advise you to use this feature every time you begin a new session on your phone.

Software Update
Notifies you as soon as updates to your favorite apps & games are available so that you never have to wait for an update ever again. You don't have to check for app updates multiple times on the Play Store. Click on the app you want to update from the app list, and it will get updated automatically. The software update feature works with system apps too.

Internet Blocker
You can block select apps from connecting to the internet by using the Internet Blocker feature. This cutting-edge feature will help you reduce data usage, stop apps from downloading data in the background, optimize battery usage, and privacy.

Notification Blocker & Cleaner
Lets you select apps you want to receive notifications from, and notifications from the rest will be treated as junk. This feature lets you block apps that send too many annoying junk notifications. Notifications from blocked apps will be saved directly within this app. This stops undesired notifications from appearing in your notification bar & helps in keeping it clean. You will only see notifications from apps & games that you use.

Additional Features

Junk Photo Cleaner: Removes all Junk photos & Videos with one tap.

Batch Uninstaller: Bulk uninstall your unwanted & unused apps.

CPU Cooler🌡️: Disables all background activities that use CPU power & helps in keeping your CPU cool.

App Recovery: Lets you recover apps you may have deleted accidentally.

AppLock🔒: Users can lock their essential apps with a high-security PIN.

Charging Alerts ⚠️
Power Master
Low Charge Alert
100% Battery Charge Alert
Battery Drain Alert
Cleaning Alerts🧹
Clean Junk Files Alert
Boost RAM Alert
Clean Cache Alert
Wipe Duplicate Photos Alert

New App Install Alert: Get info about any app or games you just installed.

Do Not Disturb(DND): Select this if you do not want to any receive notifications we may fire.

Smart UI: Our fast & fluid UI makes using this app an absolute joy.

Feel free to provide you feedback and suggestions at our support email id Cleaner Pro

Quantum4U Lab Pvt Ltd

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