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Classic Sudoku

6.1.3 for Android

cao tangyu

La description de Classic Sudoku

Sudoku is a very puzzle classic game, very popular with the people of the world, it is a kind of from the late 18th century in Switzerland, in the world to the rapid development of digital games.
Sudoku disk is a Jiugong, each palace is divided into nine small cells, in this eighty-eleven grid gives a certain number of known figures and problem-solving conditions, the use of logic and reasoning, in the other space filled with 1- 9 of the number of the number of 1-9 each number in each row, each column and each palace are only once.This game a comprehensive test to do the ability to observe the ability and reasoning, although the play is simple, but the digital arrangement is Ever-changing, so Sudoku is considered a great way to train the mind.
This is a powerful Sudoku game, a total of 3500 levels, 6 models, endless challenges!
6 modes:
* Standard Sudoku
* X-Sudoku
* Bend Sudoku
* Bending x-Sudoku
* Bend% - Sudoku
Each model contains (simple, medium, difficult), each time the difficulty of 20, you can unlock the next difficulty.
Every pass, you can get a certain points reward. Points can be used for game help, you have three ways to help:
1. Check that the currently entered number is correct
2. Click on the cell or simply fill in a correct number
3. Automatically label all unfinished cells
Although the play is simple, but the number of arrangement is ever-changing, how to play will not be tired
The most powerful brain here, quickly invited loved ones and friends to participate in it.

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