Battery Widget Reborn Classic icône

2.0.0 by Tomas Hubalek

Nov 16, 2017

À propos de Battery Widget Reborn Classic


Holo Version thème de Battery Widget Reborn

This is classic (Holo themed) version of Battery Widget Reborn. Download it if you prefer classic Holo themed design. If you like Material Design more, please install Battery Widget Reborn Pro.

If you own Battery Widget Reborn Pro license, you can use Classic version for free. Simply install both Pro and Classic, and select Settings/Remove Ads in Classic version. Then you can uninstall Pro version.

Application features


This app provides following functionality:

Battery widget

- circle battery level indicator indicator perfectly fits pure Android design

- resizable on Android 4.x+

- support for both main and external dock battery (Asus Transformer only)

Basic battery info

- Battery Info

- Shortcuts to Power-Summary/Background Sync/Wifi/BT Settings

Status bar notification of battery status

- multiple icon styles

- prediction (estimation) how long battery lasts

- customisable texts in notification area (estimated time left, voltage, temperature, battery health)

Power saving functionality

- automatic power saving mode during the night (simple but powerful battery saver functionality)

Charging and discharging chart

Extended notifications support for Jelly Bean phones

- optional charging and discharging chart

- power related toggles:

- Wifi

- Bluetooth

- Background Sync

- Airplane mode

- customizable notification priority

Additional tools

- Torch

- Settings shortcuts

- DashClock Extension

Specific HW vendor support

- supports Motorola 1% increment

- supports Asus Transformer secondary (dock) battery

Holo themes interface on all phones with Android 2.3+

Installation and operation notes


- Task Killer or Task Manager may affect this app. Please don’t use them if app does not work as expected

- App is highly optimised and DOES NOT drain you battery

- Known issues are at you can prioritise bug fixes and enhancements there by voting

- Frequently asked questions are at, look there before sending support request

- Due to the limitation of the Android platform, home screen widgets will NOT be available if application is moved to SD card.

- Some devices indicate battery level every 10% due to their kernel design (known ones are: most Motorola devices including Droid and Atrix series, Samsung Moment series). Try to use Motorola 1% hack feature if your phone is among these devices

- In Android 4.0, the system may shrink and dim level indicator icons in status bar.

Voluntere for translations at

Which version to download?


If you like Material Design install either Beta or Pro version

- Beta and Pro flavours of the app are Ads free.

If you like Holo Theme install Classic version

- Classic has two options how to reward developer for his effort: either single payment for Pro functionality or Ad Supported version

Quoi de neuf dans la dernière version 2.0.0

Last updated on Nov 16, 2017

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!

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Informations Application supplémentaires

Dernière version

Demande Battery Widget Reborn Classic mise à jour 2.0.0

Telechargé par

Min Khant Zaw

Nécessite Android

Android 4.0+

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