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BabyBeats™ Early Intervention Resource for Android

Advanced Bionics LLC

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Parents may feel lots of different emotions following the diagnosis of their child’s hearing loss. It can be an emotional and challenging time and many parents ask, “How can I support my child right now?”

We know that the early experiences you provide for your baby will shape the way your baby will learn and develop. The first five years of a baby’s life are critical for brain development. In the first few months of a baby's life, the main neural pathways are formed in their brain. This is a crucial time to stimulate their early development because a baby's brain will double in size by the time they are one year of age.

Music is the only activity that stimulates multiple areas of the brain simultaneously. These areas are important for language development. Your relationship with your baby also affects all areas of their development. So it is not surprising that extensive research has documented the benefits music can naturally bring to nurture both parent- child bonding and early communication.

By using BabyBeats™ to stimulate your baby’s senses through the multi-sensory musical activities, you will be helping your baby’s bonding, emotional, early communication and neurological development. This will lay a communication foundation that will continue to build during the toddler years.

The app is divided into two sections: Babies and Toddlers. Use the Babies section while your baby wears hearing aids, and if they are waiting to have their cochlear implant. Use the Toddlers section while your toddler wears hearing aids and/or cochlear implants.

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