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7.0.4 for Android

KEYDIY co., Ltd

La description de 掌上KD

掌上KD 是KD100 KD600 设备的一个辅助软件,便于全球用户查询遥控数据,该软件同时支持账户管理,可以方便全球用户对遥控的属性进行个性化编辑。 该软件现阶段不支持专用遥控生成,各用户对软件进行个性化定义的时候,请务必遵守国家和当地法律。由此产生的法律责任将根据您的登录帐号和地址追溯到个人。

掌上KD is assistant software of KD100 and KD600, it's convenient for users to query remotes data. It also support account management, users can edit remotes data as they want. This software now do not support generating remotes. Please obey the law when edit the remotes data on the software, individual legal responsibility will be traced by users' log account or address.

掌上KD 7.0.4 Mise à jour


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