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Study Kanji N5 - N1: Janki

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Learning Kanji is a must to conquer Japanese!
Kanji is one of the three important alphabets in Japanese, used a lot in newspapers and in everyday life. There are 2136 accepted kanji for official use in publishing. How many of them do you already know?

Kanji is considered the most challenging part when learning Japanese in general and JLPT in particular. There is a section of Japanese Kanji and on the JLPT test. To achieve N5 you have to know 80 - 100 Kanji, N4: 300 kanji, N3: 650 kanji, N2: 1000 words.

Don’t worry. Janki will help you learn Japanese Kanji with all 4 skills: listening - speaking - reading - writing with convenient features and smart learning route!

👉 Learn: Flashcard + quiz
Ultimate Kanji flashcards
Easy learning 2094 kanji
Learn Japanese basic kanji and Most common kanji characters
Flashcard 214 radicals of Japanese defense
Synthesize kanji from N5 to N1
Consolidate your knowledge with multiple choice games

👉 Practice writing Kanji
Practice writing Kanji with strokes

👉 Practice: JLPT exam
Kanji practice for JLPT
Synthesis of 2094 Japanese kanji
Synthesize Kanji by level, easily review for JLPT


Janki is designed with many features to support memorization, including:
- Learn Kanji in detail: meanings, pronunciation, writing, examples of memorization exercises
- Learn Kanji with picture flashcard
- Learn Kanji with multiple choice questions
- Learn to write Kanji characters
- Learn to speak Kanji
- Kanji practice for JLPT: practice with exam questions
- Reminder learning
- Kanji divided by levels from N1 - N5 or challenging with no level division
- Night mode
- Save vocabulary by level
- Kanji dictionary: camera, voice, handwritten, typing, searching by radicals
- Progress to complete each level
- Attractive and interesting interface

Learning kanji is an indispensable step for you to conquer Japanese. Learn Kanji now with Janki!

We'd love to hear from you, that helps us make Janki better and better. Any feedback from you please send to our email:

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Study Kanji is always one of the biggest obstacles on the way of getting the JLPT N5 - N1 degree. With our "4 skills" kanji learning method, Janki has been a very good method which many people choose to eliminate this obstacle.

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