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Calendario Ramdan 2022, alarma Azan, paquete completo de Corán y Hadith para musulmanes.

Ramadan, Prayer time: Azan is amazing prayer timing application that assists user to offer prayer on time because it calculate prayer time and send alarm notification for Azan. The efficient Islamic app makes Muslims punctual, read and listen Quran and hadith verses, having hijri calendar, zakat calculator, Prayer counter and Qibla compass.

Ramadan, Prayer time: Azan is precise Islamic prayer times application that is indispensable for all Muslims to learn Quran and Hadith and know about the fundamental mental principles of Islam to become a punctual Muslim. In addition, user can get alerts about azan timing; can calibrate the Qibla direction, zakat calculator to conveniently find out amount of zakat and counter to do much ibada in the blessing month of Ramadan. The prayer timings app gives user an opportunity to improve the tajveed and reading of holy Quran as well as teaches children about Islam. Read, recite and listen Quran audio mp3 with Internet connectivity with and without translation also Numaz timing to offer Muslim prayer on time.

Ramadan, Prayer time: Azan is resplendent Islamic apps that have numerous features for Muslims during the blessing month of Ramadan. Firstly you can get alerts about prayer timing in order to offer Muslim prayer times. Secondly, You can get notified about fasting times to make sure about the right time (Imsak and Aftar), can also get azan timing alerts. The most exquisite feature of this application is learning Quran and hadith; you can read, listen and recite the holy verses of Quran in different voices of reciters also read wide range of hadith. This is user oriented and proficiently designs among all Islamic apps that offers user Islamic prayer times, zakat calculator form Numaz timing, tasbih counter etc.

Ramadan, Prayer time: Azan is spectacular Islamic app that assists Muslims to exercise the rudimentary principle of Islam that are obligatory for all everyone. The Muslim prayer app offers azan timing, learn Quran, and know about numaz timings. Moreover, there is also Qibla direction compass to find right direction for offering Salah. This is more dynamic and beautifully designs Islamic apps that offer you numerous functions in one application. Islamic prayer times can be finding now with just a click of a button. User can open Hijri calendar and get aware about all Islamic events, Georgian calendar is also present. You can have announcement about Muslim prayer times, also counter for doing zikar. Install this application free and make your Ramadan more special and full of blessings.

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Last updated on 06/05/2023

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!


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