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Muhammad Usama Umer

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Civil Engineering is one of the oldest Engineering disciplines. As it related to construction work for that it’s impeded toward advanced technology. Conventional method for doing things is found a lot in Civil Engineering. In the field the vast majority of the Civil Engineers utilize paper, pen and calculator to solve complex problems. Conventional method for doing things is significant to mistakes regarding advance technology & also time taking.
Every day around us we can see increasing number of people with an iPhone, Android based phone (smartphones) and during last couple of years we can see more and more people with tablets & smartphones. As indicated by Statcounter overall 74.45% of cell-phones are running Android operating system (OS) & in Pakistan it ascends to 91.47% (Statcounter GlobalStats, 2019). As per Gartner's report in 2012 497 million units of smartphones with Android operating system (OS) were sold in 2014 it ascends to 1069 million of units and in 2017 shipment climbs to 1468 million of units. Worldwide smartphone devices with Android operating system (OS) are going to reach more than 2.2 billion in 2019 (Gartner, 2018). Smartphones and tablets are growing in their popularity and they are changing the way we live our lives and more importantly they are changing the way we finish our job. For example we do not longer memorize phone numbers because we carry a phonebook in our pockets. We rarely ask for driving directions because smartphones are delivered with integrated GPS with detailed maps. We are constantly connected with one another through e-mail, text, messaging, and now even video chat or video calls. Smartphones provide instant access to information wherever we go, and what is now more important, they allow us to store data on memory units or cloud based servers.
Advance Technologies are making their way into every sector of life as an innovation changing way we live our lives, it’s likewise affecting the way we do work and sets the trend of using advanced technology in civil engineering. Civil engineering relies on new technologies and innovations in order to thrive. As with the rest of the construction industry, these are just some of the key technologies that are driving progress. These smart technologies also allow civil engineers to plan and design in considerably more detail than before.
So we developed an android application containing

Soil Classification
Terzaghi's Bearing Capacity
Swell Potential
CBR Based Classification
Swell Potential
SPT For Bearing Capacity

All in one Solution for Geo Technical Engineering

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Soil Classification (USCS & AASHTO).
Terzaghi's Bearing Capacity.
Specific Weight.
CBR Bassed Classification of Sub grade(TRH4,1996).
Swell Potential(Seed et al..., 1962).
SPT For Bearing Capacity.

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