A "Silkpunk"-inspired RPG fantasy card game


About Eastpunk: Journey

"You can't comprehend destiny without unveiling the truth of the world. 

The oasis you chase after might yet be an unrealistic hope."

Eastpunk: Journey is a "Silkpunk"-inspired RPG fantasy card game in which you will experience a fantastical story based on Journey to the West and embrace adventures in Grand Tang, a magnificent Eastern civilization in an industrialized world. Thanks to the discovery of Mana, a new energy that allows humans to have power comparable with gods, the Kingdom of Grand Tang entered an unprecedented era of prosperity. But everything has a price. As the manifestation of the dark side of this power breaks out and drives everything into madness, the seemingly thriving world starts to crumble. In Eastpunk: Journey, you will play as the Seeker immune to Miasma journeying to the West to find salvation for a world that is losing control.

Exquisite Art: New Look of Classic Characters

An industrial fantasy set in Grand Tang's magnificent cultures. A refreshing experience in a unique Silkpunk world. Meet Monkey King, White Dragon, Yang Yuhuan, Guo Ziyi, and other classic characters, and write your legends in a gorgeously revived fantasy realm!

A Story-Rich Game: Immersive Ultimate Skill Animations

Experience an immersive main storyline illustrated with exquisite maps, puzzle-solving, manga, artwork, and chat bubbles. Enjoy high-quality animations and masterful music that boost the atmosphere!

Use Controls: Delve into an Unknown World

An Eastern world at your fingertips! Use a virtual joystick to explore freely and venture into the mysterious realms, solving puzzles to unveil the shocking secrets!

Strategies Galore: Infinite Lineups Possibilities

All characters may reach the highest quality. No time-gating on the lineup building, which allows the maximum diversity in strategies. New characters can inherit all upgrades from old ones with one button click with no frictional losses. Build your team with zero annoyance, and enjoy your adventure!

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