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WiMAX Key Checker

3.0 for Android


Die Beschreibung von WiMAX Key Checker

** WARNING: ONLY for the Sprint HTC Evo or Sprint HTC Shift with root access. WiMAX (4G) key check will NOT work on ANY other device or under ANY other conditions. **
** DISCLAIMER: The average user will not encounter these issues and will not need this application. **

Purpose: Troubleshoot WiMAX (4G) connection issues on the Sprint HTC EVO or Sprint HTC Shift due to potentially missing RSA Encryption Keys. Assist Sprint HTC EVO or Sprint HTC Shift enthusiasts by providing a simple method of WiMAX (4G) RSA Key presence verification.

This application allows the user to easily find out whether or not their WiMAX RSA Key is present. The WiMAX RSA key is required in order for WiMAX to properly operate.

A very important step in troubleshooting WiMAX connection issues includes determining whether or not WiMAX RSA key is present.

Unfortunately, sometimes during the process of customizing and modifying the Sprint HTC EVO or Sprint HTC Shift the WiMAX RSA key is erased. If the key is lost, WiMAX will not work.

Please provide feedback based on the limited set of features currently present. This is my first application and I've done my best to make sure it provides the basic functionality. In future versions I hope to improve many aspects.

Please bear with me as I work to improve it! Feel free to email me with suggestions, comments and feedback!

Open source project:

WiMAX Key Checker 3.0 Aktualisieren

Version 3.0
* Added Bugsense for better troubleshooting
* Cleaned up code
Version 2.9
* Adjusted search starting point to improve efficiency for all users
* Improve UI wording and layout for great clarity and useability
* Fixed minor bug to improve search pattern

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Anforderungen: Android 2.1+

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