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White Screen Flashlight

1.5 for Android

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Die Beschreibung von White Screen Flashlight

Mobile white screen that will make a flashlight from your phone. Very suitable for phones without camera flash. When the application is turned on, the display turns to full brightness. Use two sliders to adjust the brightness or adjust the strobe flashing frequency. There is also SOS mode for use in dangerous emergency situations.

App Features:
★ White screen
★ Table Lamp
★ Brightness slider
★ Sets screen to full brightness while open app
★ Strobe frequency
★ SOS emergency mode
★ Do not go to sleep
★ Very small app size

★ Great for storage unit buildings and fixer upper homes
★ Check screen silhuete on new phones for scratches or dents
★ Backlight screen to trace some drawings
★ That doesnt need your camera
★ Great for for assisting in installing a screen film for dust/fibers
★ Softbox for macro photography
★ Read at night? This really helped
★ Checkout burn-in screen on my phone
★ Checkout negative films or old school slides
★ To do hash off my phone at night
★ Create a decent reading light
★ See while feeding and changing the baby
★ See without disturbing partner at late night reading
★ Reading book without disturbing someone around you
★ Soft light to read by in the middle of the night
★ GreatestLightEver

Displays a white screen without requesting all possible permissions. "Automatic adjust display brightness to maximum" so the screen can shine as bright as possible.

* Have you ever used your phone as an emergency light source?
* Did it went to sleep just when you almost found your keys in the drain?
* Well, the lock-screen probably isn't bright enough for that.

Here comes "White Screen" app to the rescue! It displays a completely white screen to maximize brightness and stays on until you turn off one touch. Use modern screen flashlight technology to find your way to the light switch in a dark room! Displays a white screen, which can be used as a backlight. Could be used as reading flashlight.

Need a flashlight or torch but no flash LED? Use the Bright White Screen app.

This will work for phones and tablets too!

Additional Information

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Aktuelle Version: 1.5White Screen Flashlight Update anfordern

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Anforderungen: Android 4.1+

Bericht: Als unangemessen kennzeichnen

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