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1.01 by CreativeLab Games

Apr 2, 2018

Über Western Two Guns Sandboxed Style 2018

Dynamische westliche von der dritten Person, ein hervorragenden Shooter in der Sandbox!

The criminal classic western narrates about the bounty hunter, who hunts for the most famous bandits of the Wild West, who traded in bank robberies and freight trains. Two friends, two team-mates are working together and established, Davis comes up with clever plans, and Lesten with ease and confidence fulfills the plan. Going to the next case, Davis and Lesten were not ready for the fact that a new well-prepared detective came to the new lands, who was instructed to kill the raiders.

Criminals manage to escape, but behind them organized a chase, along their trail is the best tracker. Davis and Lesten are trying all their strength to break away from the pursuers, hiding in different places, but they are everywhere traitors who give out their whereabouts. It's harder for the friends to break away from the chase, and they are seriously thinking of leaving these lands and moving to more serene places where they can continue their criminal life.

You will be helped in this faithful steed, who will come to the rescue at any time, a variety of weapons and a true friend of the sheriff!


- Photorealistic HD graphics conveying the atmosphere of a classic western

- Excellent optimization for devices of any level

- RPG in a large open world! Absolute sandbox!

- Addictive mini-games in saloons that will allow you to distract and pass the time

- Dialogues and cut scenes from which it is impossible to come off

- Large and exciting missions with unforgettable characters, as well as interesting secondary missions with the delivery of cargo on the chariot on the vast expanses with the dangers of the mission with the search for bandits, dangerous dueling and much more!

- User-friendly interface and management! Nothing extra!

- A living world that is full of different livestock, including unpredictable wild animals, some of which are gathered in a flock

- The game includes step-by-step training. You and him you definitely will not get lost in the mechanics of the game

- The well-known mine for the whole district, where you can get rich abruptly, but remember that you are not the only ones who want to profit there

- Advanced artificial intelligence

- Your faithful horse that will come to you, only whistle!

- Great shooter! A variety of weapons: revolvers, wild west and ammunition for each of them, as well as dynamites and other useful items that will help you travel

- Dress your character in the store to your taste!

- Dynamic jumps, shooting at targets, battles and skirmishes, atmospheric music! All this will swallow you into the atmosphere of the Wild West with your head!

- If you are far from the Internet, you can play offline, without the Internet and wifa.

- Excellent game, which you can download for free

Was ist neu in der neuesten Version 1.01

Last updated on Apr 2, 2018

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!

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