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1.2.1 by Lyrebird Studio

Jul 16, 2021

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Picture editor to cartoon yourself. Vintage Camera, glitch effect, selfie camera

ToonCam offers the best live camera experience with vintage camera filters and amazing photo effects. Snap selfie with artistic sketches, glitch effects and stunning plastic filter :) . ToonCam photo editor offers the best picture editing experience and photoshop effect in one tap. Choose a beautiful pic from your photo lab to cartoon yourself. Cartoon maker cam turns your pic into a funny cartoon instantly. Explore marvellous retro filters, trippy filters, and sketch art with the cartoon camera :). Prepeare your photo for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, VK and TikTok to get many likes :)

📸 Cartoon Camera:

Cartoon yourself free with magical caricature maker to look like an avatar :) . Funny cartoon effects and astounding pop art available with anime photo editor. Turn yourself into an anime using fabulous caricature effects :) . Cartoon photo editor is amazing with many photo editing tools and avatar effects. Face app has the artistic filters for pictures and breathtaking pop art to cartoon yourself.

🎨 Picture Filters and Art Effects:

Paint your pretty pics with the amazing oil painting filter in real time. Face app makes sweet selfies prettier in colours with selfie camera. For the best picture editing experience use the oil painting filter to retouch your selfies. Unleash your creativity with painting filter and live selfie camera effects. Best part of ToonCam is, you can directly see the character camera effects and glitch filters on your face in real time. Save a lot of time by trying all the selfie camera filters on your face.

Now you don’t need to chase the golden hour for stunning selfies. Golden hour camera is with you 24/7 thanks to the ToonCam. Apply astonishing VHS filter, add colorful text and retro stickers to personalize your picture. Snap bewildering selfie using vaporwave effect and golden hour filter :) . You’ll love the plastic filter if you are looking for something different. Lots of unique vintage camera effects are waiting for you including the rain effect. Shoot a fabulous video under the rain with a rain effect.

🤳 Glitch Effect Camera:

Glitch video editor has dozens of impressive glitch cam filters enhance your pics art experience. Combine digital art with retro and vintage filters to create artistic images :). Cool trippy effects by VHS cam will surprise you effects, finalize photo editing with the retro stickers. Additionally, prism and prisma effects creates marvellous artworks with the digital art frames.

😍 Sketch Art:

Live sketch cam is perfect to take pics with hand drawn sketches. Photo sketch maker offers many sketching filters to turn your picture to a sketch art. Pencil sketch filters will impress the artists. Either black and white sketches or colorful sketches are available to suit all tastes. Even the neon sketch art in various colors are available as a filter.

🎉 Pic Collage Maker:

Finalizing photo editing with photo collage maker is so much fun. Collage photos in one special post, then you can edit photos separately and apply photo filters and effects :). Snap selfie with golden hour filter and plastic filter then montage them easily.

😎 Cartoon Photo Editor:

Cartoon yourself with ToonCam thanks to the marvellous cartoon filter :) . VHS cam makes your pictures very artistic with glitch effects. Pic to avatar just in seconds. Make impressive memes and add emojis with the funny camera :) .

ToonCam picture editor is the best photo editing app to cartoon yourself free. Prisma effect and glitchy effects turn your regular pics into marvellous images. Discover filters for pictures, VHS filter and trendy picture effects instantly :) . You don’t need any other picture editing apps when you have ToonCam. Make amazing collages with the pic college maker and edit pretty pictures with the free photo editing app, ToonCam :) . Prepeare your photo for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, VK and Tik Tok to get loads of likes :).

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Last updated on Jul 16, 2021

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!

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