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Die Beschreibung von Tadreeb

** NOTE: The new app needs to download 650MB of data. Please make sure you have a stable Wi-Fi internet connection before installing app **

With the Raza and Dua Mubarak of Syedna Aaliqadr Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) DEH Attalim North America has launched the new Tadreeb App.

Tadreeb is an educational and learning tool to help children in madresah to learn quran, wuzu, namaaz, qasidas, nasihat and more

The Tadreeb App has been completely redesigned from the ground up. If you are running into any issue please contact us at

The redesigned app features:
* Beautiful Parent and Kid Friendly Design featuring Beautiful Madmaakhi based theme with Fatemi concepts.
* Subject-wise Navigation from Home Screen, covering all nisaab from Ibtedaiyah to Aashera.
* Image Support displays text along with playing audio. Images are zoomable for better reading with toggle to show/hide images.
* Enhanced Media Player Options - including repeat feature, speed controls to play audio faster or slower.
* Page wise audios and image view of duas.
* Seamless app uploads - with new nisaab content merging into the app, without App Update.

To help farzando learn with visual aid, likhaan images have been created for
* Adiyat
* Tilawat-ul Quran – Qaido
* Images coming soon - for other subjects

Audio files were created (split) to sync with the Page-wise Images. Images for Maarif, Adab, Hifz ul Quran, Hikam will be uploaded incrementally without any need for an app update. All the user's app will be auto-updated, when the images are uploaded to server.

New Audios Added for Adiyat
* Tasbeehul Kifayat
* Moti Swalaat dua
* Bawiso
* Hifz ul Quran 2 Dua
* Tasbeeh ul Azam Shakelat and Dua
* Niyaat
* Tahiyat ul Masjid
* Safa watr Juloos
* Imamat si namaaz niyat shakelat
* Qaza Namaaz Niyat
* Sunnat nafelat all namaaz

Audios Updated for Adiyat
* Dua Dai al Asr

New Audios Added for Adab and Maarif
* Zikrul Hussain Full individual bands
* Ae Allah na dai full
* Chalo ae pyara full
* Rojo birader full
* Ya Habbaza – Mutafarriq
* 51 ma Dai nu naam mubarak
* 52 ma Dai nu naam mubarak

Note: To use this app you need to have valid ITS login credentials. The login is only required once per install.

An Official Attalim App.
Software solution provided by Najam IT.

Tadreeb 6.1.3 Aktualisieren

This update addresses app stability issues and fixes for crashes

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Uploaded by: Mika Albuquerque

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Anforderungen: Android 4.1+

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