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2.0.2 for Android


Die Beschreibung von SoulMagicOnline

1. Winter Season Event 3
After MA of 2021.01.28 ~ 2021.02.25 14:00

2. Exchange Event
After MA of 2021.01.28 ~ 2021.02.10 12:00

3. Purchase Diamond Event
After MA of 2021.01.28 ~ 2021.02.10 12:00

1. Time Space PvP World seperation (each server)
2. Flag Mode and Siege Mode time change (20:00 ~ 21:00 -> 21:00 ~22:00 server time)
3. Siege Mode changes to Guild War (each guild can dominate up to 2 castles at a time)
4. Name Tag system
5. Unlocks max. of Ultimate Enhance
6. Unlocks max. level of Skills

A MMORPG that plays on vertical screen!
Expedite level up by accomplishing Main Quests!

Soul Magic Online (shortened as SMO) is
A social community MMORPG that
evolves your character by leveling up.
You will acquire various items(weapon&armor) and skills to play Daily Dungeon and Party
Level and make your own character stronger!

[Game Features]
1. Vertical screen MMORPG!
You can touch everywhere with only one hand!

2. Your own cute and adorable costumes!
Express your own character by equipping various equipments!

3. Evolve all items!
Enhance, Awaken(Evolution), and Enhant Ability to make your item much stronger!

4. Plays all Dungeons!
Strategic Dungeon play with elements!

5. Improve your own character!
You can improve your character by equipping weapon/skill whatever you want!
Information on permission setting

[Permission to access to use the appliacation]
1. Required access

2. Optional access
Contact : Permission to access your contacts to identify your Google account.
Storage access : Permission to access your storage to save the game resource data.

* App still will work without the optional access.

[Change access permission]
0.Android 6.0 and above : Settings>Apps>Soul Magic Online>Permissions>select one you want to change>select allow/deny
0.Android below 6.0 : Below 6.0 doesn't service the change permission to optional access. We suggest you to upgrade your device to 6.0 or above.

* Official Page:
* Offical Facebook:
* Customer Service:
* Privacy Policy:

SoulMagicOnline 2.0.2 Aktualisieren

bug fixed

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Kategorie: Gratis Rollenspiele SPIEL


Uploaded by: Santiago Gastelum Gastelum Ojeda

Aktuelle Version: 2.0.2SoulMagicOnline Update anfordern

Available on: Erhalt SoulMagicOnline auf Google Play

Anforderungen: Android 4.2+

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