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4.5, March 28, 2021

Experience SleepIQ® technology. 
Only Available with Sleep Number® beds. 

Only the Sleep Number 360® smart bed offers effortless comfort with endless adjustability for life-changing sleep. As the bed uses dynamic intelligence to sense your every move, automatically adjusting firmness, comfort, and support on each side to keep you both effortlessly comfortable, SleepIQ® measures your heart rate, breathing and movements for personalized insights into your best sleep–your SleepIQ® score.

View your SleepIQ® score and learn more about the quality of your sleep. Includes daily personalized communications, helping you learn the best times to work out, eat, and the best bedtime routines for you.

- View your SleepIQ score and biometrics each morning to understand your sleep quality
- Receive personalized insights to improve your alertness and optimize your day
- Track your sleep consistency with circadian rhythm; learn how sleep is a 24-hour activity

Offers full control of comfort on each side. Control your bed including your Sleep Number® setting, Responsive Air® technology (Sleep Number® 360 smart beds only) and FlexFit™ adjustable base to ensure you’re getting the best quality sleep; and easily set your bedtime routine.

Personalize your experience by completing your wellness profile, view your monthly sleep wellness report, access your InnerCircleSM rewards, opt-into sleep science research and connect to health and wellness apps.

If you choose, SleepIQ® can connect with the following health and wellness apps: 

- Fitbit
- MapMyFitness

SleepIQ® technology uses advanced algorithms that track information about your sleep and wellness, including your heart rate, breathing rate, and heart rate variability, to provide powerful insights into your sleep and wellness.

SleepIQ 4.4.30 Aktualisieren

- New heart rate variability biometric tracking for 360 smart beds – HRV tracking provides sleepers an understanding of how their nighttime recovery impacts their activity level and energy each day.

- Participate in sleep research studies. Research by Sleep Number® and in collaboration with Mayo Clinic is intended to advance the science of sleep and health by making new discoveries to improve sleep quality.

- Bug fixes and other improvements

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