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Puzzle & Conquer for Android

Studio Uno Private Limited

Die Beschreibung von Puzzle & Conquer

Conquer & Puzzle is a multiplayer online, real-time war strategy game. You will play a lord in the fantasy world, build your own kingdom, train your army, join an epic multiplayer war, capture enemy cities, capture legendary heroes, form alliances with other players, help each other, defeat those who block you. Dominate the enemy of the world!

Game features

☆ World War, global players compete in the same field☆
Global synchronization, competing with players from all countries. Your opponents come from all over the world, defeating all enemies and leading your country to become the world's strongest king.

☆The ultimate picture quality☆
The vast territory and exquisite architecture make the game's macro world unobstructed.

☆Building an exclusive kingdom☆
Upgrade a variety of buildings, research technology, train the army, upgrade heroes, build traps, and make your kingdom grow stronger and stronger!

☆ Unique hero gameplay☆
All heroes have their own unique skills and methods of attack. In the adventure copy, the hero is a lone ranger with stunts. When he enters the Legion War, he will become the general of the soldiers and lead you to a completely different combat experience.

☆ Random tactics ☆
The arms are divided into cavalry, infantry, and bow soldiers. The characteristics are distinct and there are fatal weaknesses. Only intelligence reconnaissance is in place, the strategy is clear, and at the same time, timely match the hero's legion skills, learn from each other's strengths, in order to win thousands of miles.

☆ Master real-time situation ☆
Pushing a copy of the map and attacking the monsters is no longer a rigid text war report in this game. It is presented in a combat manner, with powerful picture tension, and the player's thinking and operation, allowing the player to experience the immersive experience. Hot blood situation.

☆ Alliance Assembly Battle ☆
Join the Alliance, work with your allies to point out the strategy, discuss strategies, complement each other, and assemble the army and allies to launch an epic 100-strong battle against your enemies.

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Kategorie: Gratis Strategie SPIEL


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Anforderungen: Android 4.1+

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