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Price Cruncher

Price Compare

3.7.8 for Android

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Die Beschreibung von Price Cruncher

Are you trying to get on top of your expenses? Find it difficult to compare prices at the grocery store while on the go?

Is it cheaper to buy 152 diapers for $35 or 72 diapers on sale for $19.95?
Is that 20kg package of dog food from Costco really a good deal compared to the 2kg bag at the Walmart?
How much are you paying for each sheet in a paper towel roll?

Wish you could figure out all this information easily from your shopping list?

Price Cruncher is a price comparison shopping list tool that allows you to save your favorite items and price compare prices on a per unit price basis. It has built in unit conversions to convert prices prior to comparison as well as a discount calculator tool.

Price Comparison Features:
- Compare Prices with different units of measure. Can accommodate for volume, weight, length, and area.
- Allow user to add custom units to suit their own needs (eg. rolls, boxes, sheets, etc.)
- Support for bulk purchase comparisons (eg. Costco multiple items packaged together for sale)
- View Price History for any of your Items
- Add and Maintain Items for future price comparison
- Categorize Items
- Discount Calculator
- Quick Price Compare
- Add/Save Multiple Prices
- Manage Stores
- Add all your items to a shopping list
- Compare prices directly from your shopping list
- Customize shopping list to calculate estimated totals based on previous price history
- Use your purchase history to estimate your grocery costs
- Customize categories
- Export data to CSV
- Pro Users: Backup and Restore your data
- Save YOU money!

Save and compare prices on:
- Baby items
- Groceries
- Pet Supplies
- Hardware Supplies
- Alcohol
- Tobacco
- Sports items
- Cosmetics

The discount Calculator allows for quick calculation of discount prices!

Supports all currencies! The default currency is based on your phone language settings in your Settings -> Language & Inputs > Languages. However, if this is not working for you, you can change this via the settings menu in Price Cruncher to specify a currency.

Units currently supported for price comparison:
- Grams
- Kilograms
- Milligrams
- Ounces
- Pounds
- Gallons (US & UK)
- Fluid Ounces (US & UK)
- Quarts (US & UK)
- Pints (US & UK)
- Cubic Feet
- Liters
- Milliliters
- Feet
- Inches
- Yards
- Meters
- Centimeters
- Millimeters
- Decimeters
- Square Feet
- Square Inches
- Square Yards
- Square Meters
- Square Centimeters
- Square Millimeters
- Square Decimeters
- Asian units (Candareen, Catty, Tael, Picul, Mace)
- Create your own custom units (eg. Sheets, roll, can, anything you can think of!)

If you like Price Cruncher, the ultimate price comparison app, please rate us favorably!

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Anforderungen: Android 4.0+

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