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sudo /bin/date

PiTime updates the time (more precisely the date) on the Raspberry Pi, taking the time from the Android phone. It simply sends the above one-liner to the Pi, no more, no less!

This is useful when there is no Internet connection so the Pi cannot synchronize its clock from NTP servers. One use case is doing timelapse photography with a headless Pi. CreateDate field in photo's Exif needs to be correct for timelapse movies that have a running timestamp. In such a case use USB tethering between the Android device and the Pi and access the Pi on (usually) IP address.

A big thanks to the JSch authors - the Java library used to ssh to the Pi.

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PiTime 0.6 Aktualisieren

OpenELEC (with ssh enabled) support.
Halt and reboot Pi.

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Aktuelle Version: 0.6PiTime Update anfordern

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Anforderungen: Android 4.0.3+

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