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1.2.4 for Android

Perfect Fitness

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Die Beschreibung von PerfectFit

Download Perfect Fit and get the workout app designed with all your unique needs in mind.

Choose your equipment, goals and experience level, and Perfect Fit will create a one-of-a-kind program designed for you!

Instead of having to choose between endless lists of pre-made workouts, take comfort in knowing that these workouts are made specifically for you!

You get to customize:

Equipment: Bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, mini bands, pull-up bars, stability balls and ankle weights
Goals: Muscle gain, strength gain, increased endurance, better posture, greater mobility and injury prevention
Experience level: Beginner, intermediate or advanced
Body focus: Chest, back, core and legs
Frequency: Work out once a week, once a day or anything in between

Pick Your Equipment

• Choose from dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and more
• Perfectly suited for home gyms and home workouts - make full use of everything you have available, without having to scramble for substitutes
• Don’t own any workout equipment? No problem! Tons of bodyweight exercises included, so you can get a challenging full-body workout at every fitness level

Achieve Your Goals

• Choose a program specially designed to fast track your progress towards your fitness goal — whether it’s gaining muscle, getting stronger, or increasing endurance
• Exercise selection, rep ranges, rests and even tempo are all finely tuned for each goal
• Choose which body parts you’d like to target for muscle gain, and learn the ideal rep ranges and form to achieve this as quickly as possible
• Find out which exercises are key for permanently fixing bad posture, and decreasing the back pain and knee pain associated with it

Perfect for All Experience Levels

• Programs and individual exercises are available in all experience levels, including beginner, intermediate and advanced
• For those just starting out, learn the basics without ever feeling confused or overwhelmed
• If you’ve been working out for years, get a plan which can challenge you at just the right level and exercise variation, even without any equipment!

Easy to Use

Detailed descriptions are included with every workout plan and exercise, including helpful tips and common mistakes to avoid
Beautifully animated example videos for every exercise, which clearly display proper form
• Never feel confused about how to do an exercise correctly!

Track Your Progress

• Easily log your sets, reps and weight used for every exercise, so you can carry on where you left off with the next workout
• Track your personal records and progress made to stay motivated as you get closer to reaching your fitness goals

Endlessly Customizable

• Want to try a different piece of equipment? Something a little easier or harder? Target a different muscle? Remove high impact exercises like jumping?
• Easily swap out any exercise for a different one to add variation to your program, so you love every minute of your workouts
• Exercises are categorized according to movement pattern, so you can try lots of alternatives without drastically changing your workout program

In-Depth Education

• Get in-depth information about what muscles are being targeted during each exercise, and where they are on the body
• Learn about your key stability muscles, how to target them, and the role they play in staying healthy and avoiding injury

Get your Perfect Fitness plan today!

PerfectFit 1.2.4 Aktualisieren

Fixed an issue where swapping and adding exercises wouldn't work on certain devices.

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Uploaded by: Voòng Thị Thu Ngân

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Anforderungen: Android 5.0+

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