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Morse Code Encoder & Decoder Zeichen

Morse Code Encoder & Decoder

1.2.1 for Android
Иoldy Labs
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Die Beschreibung von Morse Code Encoder & Decoder

Decode Morse code using your rear camera
Simply point the camera to the blinking light and make sure the light stays in the red
circle. If the light blinks at a frequency that is too fast or too slow (using the default transmission settings as a comparison) expect to lose the first 2 characters, but after that, the decoding algorithm will adapt itself to the new frequency and you will lose NO more characters. This new setting will be saved for as long as you stay in the app. Pinch Zoom is also available.

Transmit Morse code using camera flash and speaker (beeps)
For an entered message, the user can select whether to transmit the morse signal in the form of light or sound. That is, using either the flash or the speakers.

Translate from text to Morse and vice versa
Allows translation from plain text into Morse code and translation from Morse Code to text.

Morse Code alphabet
Includes a Morse Code International Telecommunication Union (ITU) alphabet for reference.

On the Settings tab you can:
- Adjust transmission frequency.
- Increase sensibility to light when decoding (useful when light source is far).
- Set Day/Night mode for decoder sensibility to light.
- Choose any of the available camera resolutions in your device.

Supported languages (not for transmitting)

Supported languages for transmission, decoding and translation:
-Latin alphabets (English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc..)
-Cyrillic (Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, etc)

If your device's frame rate is too slow, decoding will most certainly be impossible since at least 7 fps are required for the lowest available transmission frequency in the app.

As the blinking light gets farther away from the phone, the decoding process gets inaccurate. You will be able to experience the best results at night or with low ambient light.

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Settings are not reset any more when the app closes

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Uploaded by: Khaled Obeid

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Anforderungen: Android 5.0+

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