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Mahbuse Plakoto

7.3 for Android

Amer Harb

Die Beschreibung von Mahbuse Plakoto

Mahbuse is the popular variation of backgammon played in the Middle East. Also known as محبوسة - Plakoto - Πλακωτο - Tapa - Shesh Besh - Tavli - Mahbusa - طاولة زهر - Tawla.

True Dice! Our dice generation algorithm is now based on quantum random number generator. As close to real life dice as can be.

Mahbuse Plakoto is five times less chance than regular backgammon! It depends more on skill. Play it online against friends or random opponents.

Differences from backgammon:
Players start with all their stones on the opponents home board.
No hitting, instead blots are pinned.

In a one round of regular backgammon an unskilled player still has a 33% chance of winning a skilled player.
In Plakoto the chances are reduced to 7%.

Sign-up by choosing a nickname and password, or using your facebook account.

A Leaderboard tracks best-performing players. Enjoy & Good luck!

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Stability improvements

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Anforderungen: Android 4.0.3+

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