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Learn Fruits Name Zeichen

Learn Fruits Name

1.1.0 for Android

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Die Beschreibung von Learn Fruits Name

Anybody who is interested in learning the English language can use this App to learn fruits names by watching, reading and listening fruits.
Easy and interesting educational Application teaches fruits name in English. You can read and hear all fruits name in English. Also, you can see fruits name with picture (fruits images with name).

✨ App Features:
👉 The application pronounces fruit name for each fruit chosen.
👉 The application writes the fruit name for each fruit chosen.
👉 This android app shows every fruit's picture.
👉 The app has a nice musical background and also gives you the opportunity to stop it.
👉 All fruits name with picture can be read when you click the fruit image.

This App is for Kids and English language students from all over the world. English language centers, IELTS courses, TOEFL courses, English teachers, and many others can use it in their lessons.

The application displays the following fruits name in English (fruits name list): Strawberry, pear, berries, figs, guava, apple, apricot, avocado, bananas, cactus, grapes, kiwi, lemon, mandalina, mango, melon, orange, pineapple, pomegranate, cherries, watermelon, dates, peach, coconut.

Learn Fruits Name 1.1.0 Aktualisieren

New features were added:
1- New icon to repeat sound
2- Flash Toons Intro to open YouTube channel
3- Flash Toons news block
4- List of new icons to share this App on Facebook, Twitter, Whats App, and Viber, and to open website

Additional Information

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Anforderungen: Android 4.0+

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