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JWA Field Guide

for Jurassic World Alive

2.7.4 for Android

Matthew Ellis

Die Beschreibung von JWA Field Guide

JWA Field Guide is the ultimate companion app for Ludia's Jurassic World Alive and is the essential tool to carry with you on all of your dino hunts!

With JWA Field Guide, you can view the entire list of in-game dinosaurs. The Search box allows you to quickly find any dinosaur by entering any part of its Name, Tier, Rarity Type, Moves, or Spawn Details!

By tapping on any of the stat icons below the search box, you can group and sort the main creature list by:
• Alpha, Move, Spawn Location, Tier, Rarity, Health, Damage, Speed, Armor, or Critical Chance

From either the Creatures tab or Loadouts tab, tapping on a dinosaur will take you to the full details screen. From there, you can:
• Assign a dinosaur to one of your custom Loadouts
• Compare the Stats and Moves of any two creatures
• View the dinosaur's Genetic Makeup (including the minimum Level requirements as well as how much DNA per Fuse is needed)
• View any Possible Hybrids
• View the dinosaur's full Stats (including Tier, Rarity, Health, Damage, Speed, Armor, and Critical Chance)
• View the Spawn Details including Spawn Locations and Times
• View all possible Moves, including any Swap In moves or Counter-Attacks
• View the full, calculated list of Health and Damage stats for ALL Levels of the selected dinosaur (you're no longer limited to only Level 26!)

For all of the dinosaurs listed under Genetic Makeup and Possible Hybrids, you can tap on any of them to go straight to that dinosaur's full details screen. Now, you no longer have to unlock a dinosaur to be able to access this information! This is great for planning out which dinosaurs you should be hunting now to target those dominant Uniques!

JWA Field Guide also contains an extremely useful Evolve Costs calculator which quickly tells you how many coins and DNA resources are required to evolve a dinosaur of a particular rarity type from one level to any other level. The calculator can also tell you what level you can evolve your creature to by specifying how much DNA you have on-hand.

Happy Dino Hunting, fellow DPG Members!

Please note that JWA Field Guide is made by fans of Jurassic World Alive and is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Ludia Inc. or any of its affiliates.

JWA Field Guide 2.7.4 Aktualisieren

What's new in v2.7.4:
• Fixed Trykosaurus' attack (1600 instead of 1550)
• Fixed the icon for Slowing Impact

Happy Dino Hunting!

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