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Die Beschreibung von Idle AuWuuLa

Hello everyone! The beta version of our new game "Idle Auwuula!" Is now under testing. Come and enjoy the new game "Idle Auwuula!" We look forward to your comments and suggestions! Our vision is to play fun games together~✌️

There is a group of primitive people lives in a prehistoric tribe. They depend on hunting to survive. They’ve learned to tame wild animals and raising them in their tribe. To beat larger and stronger beasts, they’ve developed various types of warriors. They continuously expand their territory and explore this ancient world.

In this game you will collaborate with many other warriors to fight against gigantic beasts together. you will also see the progression of your tribe becomes prosperous little by little. Go on a strategic battle with other players in the fight arena. And many more new spices and fossils waiting to be discovered!

We hope you enjoy the excitement and challenges brought by our game. To experience happiness and sorrow of the primitives. Live, improve, grow together.

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Kategorie: Gratis Geduldsspiele SPIEL


Uploaded by: Juan Paulo Mancilla Simbillo

Aktuelle Version: 0.1Idle AuWuuLa Update anfordern

Available on: Erhalt Idle AuWuuLa auf Google Play

Anforderungen: Android 4.1+

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