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Gunner FreeSpace Defender Lite

1.7.9 for Android

Warlock Studio

Die Beschreibung von Gunner FreeSpace Defender Lite

Gunner : Free Space Defender is the first-person war 3D space shooter.
Good old motto "Shoot 'em all" is probably the best way to precisely describe the game's purpose.
You are the gunner controlling a space turret and your objective is to shoot, shoot and shoot some more to protect friendly objects and destroy all attacking enemies. As a Gunner you have 12 types of Primary weapons and 6 types of Secondary weapons for your space turret that will help you to do the job.
Bullets for Primary weapons are unlimited, but each shot will cost you a score point.
Secondary weapons are limited in ammo, so shoot it sanely.
During intensive firing the primary weapon might overheat and misfire; the temperature gauge that indicates overheating is located under the ammo counter.

There are two game play modes: Gunner Campaign and Gunner Survival; each with 32 levels will not leave you indifferent and will not let you get bored in this shooting game.

Lite version is limited to only first 5 levels in Campaign mode and only 1 level in Survival mode.


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✔ Minor fixes and adjustments

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Uploaded by: علي البصراوي

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Anforderungen: Android 4.1+

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