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Encrypted Notes & Lists

2.8.2 for Android


Die Beschreibung von FairNote

FairNote is a simple and intuitive notepad app, giving you speed and efficiency while writing notes, making to-do lists, or jotting down quick ideas. You can organize notes using labels/tags and different colors, use reminders to keep better track of your tasks, protect sensitive data using industry-standard encryption, and best of all, if your device has fingerprint support, you can encrypt/decrypt notes using fingerprint authentication.

• Create text and checklist notes
• Assign labels/tags and colors to note
• Protect notes with AES-256 encryption
• Encrypt/decrypt notes individually, or in batch
• Backup/restore notes using Google Drive, Dropbox, Yandex Disk or Device Storage
• Add new notes directly from the notification area
• Pin frequently used notes to the status bar and quickly access them from the notification area
• Set reminder for note, even for pinned notes
• Organize notes in list or grid view
• Powerful text search, highlighting full and partial matches
• Sort notes by date, color or alphabetically
• Filter notes by labels
• Receive shared texts from other apps
• Semi-transparent home screen widget
• Batch operations
• Add home screen shortcut to specific notes
• Markdown preview
• Import text file
• Export to text file(individual or batch)
• Undo-redo capability
• Auto or manual save preference
• Search and replace text
• Available translations: Chinese, Czech, Hungarian, Korean, Polish and Spanish

Pro features
• Dark theme
• Recurring reminder
• Encrypt all notes with one click
• Encrypt/decrypt notes using fingerprint authentication

Beta updates:

Frequently asked questions
Q: I forgot my password, can I recover my encrypted notes?
A: No. It is not possible to recover encrypted notes without the password.

Q: Can I recover my password? Where is it stored?
A: No. The plain-text password is never stored on the device or anywhere else at any given time and comes directly from user input when needed.

Q: How do you validate the password if password not being stored?
A: When you set the password, a one-way hash code of the password is generated stored on the device and used later for password validation.

Q: Can my notes be decrypted using this hash code of the password?
A: No. The hash code is only used for password validation and not for encryption.

Q: How does encryption with fingerprint work? I am not asked for the password if I use fingerprint, how do the password and fingerprint relate? Am I not using the password when I am using fingerprint?
A: Aha! You are still using the same password under the hood while using fingerprint authentication. Android stores fingerprint data in a trusted execution environment(TEE), which is secure and provides a hardware-backed Keystore. In FairNote, when you choose to use fingerprint for the first time, you are asked to provide the password, and the password then is encrypted using a key from the hardware-backed Keystore. Only your fingerprint can obtain this key, and the key in turn opens the encrypted password for use.

Q: How about auto encryption? I used another app that automatically encrypted notes after edit/exit, and I don't like being asked to provide password/fingerprint every time I make some change.
A: Auto encryption is not possible because auto encryption requires the plain-text password be present on the device for use. In FairNote, the password comes from either user input or fingerprint, so user intervention is required.

FairNote 2.8.2 Aktualisieren

- Fixed bugs
- Added FAQs in settings
- Updated translation
- Migrate fingerprint to biometrics API
- Increased scroll handle height for note list
- Fixed casing: capitalize letter after a period and a space

Additional Information

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