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Easy Psychiatry : Online Clinic, Affirmations

2.3 for Android


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Die Beschreibung von Easy Psychiatry : Online Clinic, Affirmations

This application was designed to serve as a tool and guide to anyone who wants to improve his/ her mental health. It improves mental health in the following ways:

1. Positive affirmations equipped with the ability to record and hear affirmations in your own voice. Hearing these affirmations in your own voice could have a mind re-shaping effect as research has shown that people believe more, what they hear themselves say.

2. Device Mind Assistant feature which makes you listen and see your favorite affirmations at regular intervals even when you are not interacting with the app. Regular use of this feature could have a positive effect on the mind.

3. Online clinic functionality with users having a direct video/audio call with a specialist psychiatrist, discussing any psychiatric issue, in a highly professional, ethical and confidential setting.

4. Gives helpful psychiatry, psychology tips and hacks on psychiatry issues of contemporary importance like drug addiction, depression, stress management, general psychiatry, schizophrenia.

5. Self-diagnosis instrument from the world health organization for drug abusers to know their danger level from their current level of drug abuse and to know the immediate health risks posed using the W.H.O A.S.S.I.S.T instrument.

6. Get self-help strategies and W.H.O manual for cutting down on your current level of drug use.

7. Ask questions relating to a specific area of psychiatry or start a conversation and expect to get responses or answers to your questions using your username or in anonymous mode.

8. Give answers to previously asked questions or reply to conversations using your username or in anonymous mode

Also very useful to health professionals, medical students, nursing students and anyone with an interest in understanding psychiatry better. A valuable tool in the study of psychiatry as it facilitates study using 3 well-tested principles:

1. Organization and ease of study - As psychopathology is the basics of psychiatry, this app has almost 200 psychopathology concepts organized with their definition, illustration, clinical correlates, and classification. The concepts could also be categorized to facilitate a better understanding of the study material. Also has the search, favorite and history functionalities, all to improve ease of learning

2. Self-testing - As learning is better with continuous drilling and exercises, there are different forms of tests available to consolidate the knowledge and understanding of the concepts. Users could answer random quiz questions in the quiz functionality. Users could go further to take a timed test and scores can be compared against previous high scores.

App highlights:

-> Free app

->Affirmations to re-shape your mind.

->Option to ask a question or reply anonymously

->mostly offline functionality (network needed only for the 'collaborate' functionalities and to download the W.H.O self-help manual for drug abusers)

->Add to favorites feature

->Reliable history system

->Categorize concept functionality with excellent navigation

->Quiz feedbacks

->Schedule a call with a psychiatrist

->App size optimization using the latest and cutting edge Android app shrinking tools (R8, android app bundles, WebP assets, vector-drawables e.t.c)

->Previous discussions are stored locally for easy reference

->Share concept/tip functionality

->Add tip to clipboard

->Daily psychiatry tip notification

->Mark tip as read/unread

Easy Psychiatry : Online Clinic, Affirmations 2.3 Aktualisieren

New "Device Mind Assistant" feature to help re-shape your mind by regularly letting you hear positive thoughts, pre-recorded in your own voice, and sending regular alerts containing mind-assisting affirmations

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