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Idle Crafting Game

1.8.4 for Android
Knubbles Inc.

Die Beschreibung von Craftsmith

Expand your workshop as you hire Workers, increase their Training, upgrade Tools and complete Research. Gather materials and craft objects in this idle crafting game.

👥 Workers - Automate production and increase the amount produced.
📖 Training - Decrease the time required to craft objects.
🔨 Tools - Tap objects to speed up production. Increases chance to produce extra.
🔬 Research - Earn increased experience from crafting.
💎 Trinkets - Chance for a speed boost after a craft.
💍 Charms - Gain Luck when you don't get lucky.
⚒ Equipment - Automatically tap objects over time.

Additional features
🥇 Goals - Complete goals to earn premium currency.
🌟 Talents - Earn Exp to level up your profession and unlock powerful upgrades.
🔄 Prestige - Restart your profession to earn bonus Exp and keep all unlocked talents.
🏠 Storehouse - Contribute additional materials and objects to increase the max stash size.
📊 Expertise - Improve your stats the longer you play.

🪓🪵 Woodworking - Gather wood to craft arrows, bows, and furniture.
⛏️⚔ Blacksmithing - Gather ore and smelt ingots to craft weapons and armor.

Craftsmith 1.8.4 Aktualisieren

Added the ability to watch an ad when prestiging to get extra talent points.
Added a "More Games" button in the Options Menu.
Testing a potential fix for an issue causing save files to be erased.
Physical save files now load before cloud save files.
Fixed an issue with Quests not loading their text right away.

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Additional Information

Kategorie: Gratis Simulation SPIEL


Uploaded by: Petar Djordjevic

Aktuelle Version: 1.8.4Craftsmith Update anfordern

Available on: Erhalt Craftsmith auf Google Play

Anforderungen: Android 7.0+

Bericht: Als unangemessen kennzeichnen

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