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2.1.10 by NetEase Games

Apr 2, 2019

Über BuildTopia


BuildTopia - Creative Destruction is a brand new RCS (Real-time Creative Shooting Game).

BuildTopia - Creative Destruction is a battle royale game inspired by Fortnite in which we have to survive a battle against up to 100 players. Remember this: Last one standing wins!

As the first Real-time creation shooting mobile game "BuildTopia: Destruction and Creation" (BuildTopia, hereinafter referred to as BT) officially opened pre-registration on March 23 2019, and all players can go to the official website ( pre-register BuildTopia online, sharing it with friends can also get rich rewards in the magic boxes.

360° Degree Attack and Defense battlefield on the Show Arena

As a RCS game, BT has revolutionized Gameplay based on classic FPS games:
The player's combat area is usually concentrated on the ground surface, and BT extends the battleline to the underground world. Players can fight in the air too. You can sneak into the ground and wait for an opportunity to move. The super-large map will dig the ground with you, this world 360 degrees is your show arena!

One button construction! Amazing bunker builder

In the world of BT, the whole battlefield can be “Broken” – you can use your hammer to destroy various elements in the scene, collect resources, design various ever-changing institutional traps, and even build a bunker with one click. Making you more comfortable and safer in the battlefield!

Automatic shooting! Rookies are never afraid of anyone

In order to optimize the new player experience, BuildTopia specially designed the automatic shooting system: assist in automatic shooting when aiming, let rookies bid farewell to the hand, Quickly adapt to play. At the same time, FPS / TPS dual mode free choice is also set to meet the needs of players with multi-angle gaming experience.

Cool and pleasing! Hundreds of models to play the world

In order to allow more players to play in the world of BuildTopia, BT has also deeply optimized the game, making it easy to navigate hundreds of mobile phone models, and present high-quality soft light quality, let you experience the immersive battlefield, enjoy the freedom of free gun battle construction, as well as a positive confrontation shooting pleasure!

The controls of BuildTopia are the usual ones in the genre: we will move and shoot our enemies down with the touch controls. In addition to shooting to the end to beat our rivals, it will also be necessary to collect resources with our hammer. We will use this object against almost every structure we can find on the map. By destroying them we will obtain material that we can use to build walls, stairs and floors.

BuildTopia is an excellent battle royale in all its sections. Show your love to the Battle Royale Game in it's genre: PUBG Mobile, Fortnite and Free Fire.

For more details of BuildTopia, please visit BuildTopia Official website:

Was ist neu in der neuesten Version 2.1.10

Last updated on Apr 2, 2019

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!

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