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Die Beschreibung von Algebrator

Algebrator math solver has been helping high-school and college students conquer math for more than three decades. It lets you enter any problem from your math or algebra textbook, and then the math calculator gives you all steps of the solution as well as explanations. Algebrator app solves math homework problems just like your teacher! Explanations will tell you not only which algebra rule is being used, but also how it is applied in your particular math problem.

Here are some of the things Algebrator will do for you:
Show step by step solution to any algebra problem you enter. You can modify the details of the solution process you see, as well as the way in which a math problem is solved.
Solve a variety of math equations and inequalities (linear, non-linear, quadratic, rational, radical, absolute value and more), as well as systems of equations or inequalities.
Simplify algebra expressions including complex numbers and factor polynomials using a variety of methods.
Solve arithmetics and algebra problems including integers and decimal numbers, fractions, roots, powers, exponents, as well as evaluate numerical expressions.
Find the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) and the Least Common Measure (LCM) of multiple expressions.
Graph equations, inequalities, functions (including logarithmic, exponential and trigonometric) as well as conic sections (parabolas, circles, ellipses and hyperbolas).
Perform common operations on matrices and calculate determinants.
Here are some more details on math solutions that Algebrator solver provides:
Step-by-step math problem solution can be controlled by users (less math steps for advanced user and more math steps for a beginner)
The math calculator app will always choose the smartest solution method. For example, if factoring of a quadratic equation is possible then that will be the first solution method tried. The equation solver can employ all common factoring methods such as the greatest common factor, difference of two squares, difference or sum of two cubes or grouping. If factoring doesn’t work the equation calculator will use quadratic equation and other math solution methods to solve the equation. The equation solver will also eliminate all the extraneous solutions, making sure that the math help you get is of the highest quality.
The graphing calculator will produce beautiful of any functions, including the asymptotes when necessary. All graphs can be zoomed in and out, and math solver will place all graphs into ‘graphable form’ such as point-slope for lines, standard form of parabola showing the vertex, or common circle and hyperbola.
Algebrator math solver app fully supports complex numbers and all the operations such as addition and multiplication of complex numbers (all numbers that contain the imaginary unit)
Systems of equations that the math solver can solve can contain up to 3 linear equations, while the systems of inequalities are solved graphically.
Finally, our math calculator app is also a matrix solvers. All the common operations on matrices are supported (addition, subtraction and multiplication of matrices). Determinant calculator is also included.
If you need help with math then our math calculator app is the right way to go. Softmath has provided math and algebra help since 1990.

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- trigonometric functions evaluation improvements
- new launch icon

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