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Aesir Zeichen


Epic of Everlight

3.4 for Android


Die Beschreibung von Aesir

In the ancient past, with the rise of the Aesir gods, the Everlight shines upon the World. But a catastrophe swept the world. At the darkest days, the faint light doesn't vanish and a new world was born within it.

Choose Your Class
Knight, Ranger, Swordmon or Mage – choose your class and descend into darkness

Real-Time MMORPG
Battle with your friends and millions of players across the globe.

Raid with your friends to defeat powerful dungeon bosses like dragons and giants.

Enter the PvP arena and test your mettle against other players from around the world. Aesir is filled with action-packed combat and generous spoils for the victors. Fight your way to the top to win glory and epic rewards!

Marriage and Making Friends of Real Person
The world is chaotic, love is the only thing that won’t be destroyed! The world is in the same server, breaking national boundaries is only for guarding the destined one.

Charming Dress and Cute Pet
Completing quests with cute pets and flying with fantastic wings. Unique Dress and Multivariant Style, you can create your own world.

Wild Treasure and Free Trade
Defeat the wild BOSS in a specific time and place. The falling probability of item is equal, people can trade freely in the bank.

Aesir 3.4 Aktualisieren

Application update

Additional Information

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Aktuelle Version: 3.4Aesir Update anfordern

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Anforderungen: Android 4.1+

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