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1.0.4 for Android

Die Beschreibung von AbeatsHero

Abeats Hero is a battle game world in which heroes are brought into the 3D metaverse world. Heroes fight, multiply, collect, cultivate and build their clans, and gain the real monetary value of the economic system through the game's money-making mechanics. PK battles, rewards home, blind box hang-ups, in-game coins, NFT rentals, and fun challenges await you in Abeats Hero.

Players will be able to withdraw any of their NFT items into their wallets at any time, giving them full ownership of their in-game blockchain NFT assets.

1. Explore the thrilling world! 

Includes A variety of game modes such as PVE and PVP to enjoy exciting battles.

2. Get $AHE offline! 

Even while you're sleeping, you'll reap the benefits. Uninterrupted profitability for 12 hours after you quit the game.

3. Regularly update the content! 

New heroes, gameplay, and mechanics, stay tuned for updates and news on our Telegram and Discord.

AHE, which comes from the first NFT card game authorized by the official website, AbeatsHero, is a liquid asset with financial instruments, an intermediary to connect the economy within the game and on the chain and to build a flexible capital redistribution system.

Start your unique gaming journey from AbeatsHero, enjoy an unparalleled fantasy world in NFT games, unlock rare heroes, earn cryptocurrency, and challenge the fascinating blockchain world! 

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