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Encrypted, Disappearing Messages

1.0.3 for Android

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Want to send Disappearing Messages through your favorite messaging apps ? Want to protect your messages from those irritating Peeping-Toms around? Want to play around the good old Morse Code?

M0rx(pronounced as 'Morse') is your ally for all these and more. Now send messages encrypted with your own chosen password or use our default one and with a timer - your message will disappear after that. No more worries of your personal messages being understood by anyone else. And of course, did we say that you can also convert messages using the good old Morse Code?

You can encrypt your message and set a timer and send the encrypted message through your existing apps(WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, SMS or any other app you like) and the receiver can only decrypt the message within the time you have set.

Encrypted Messages from M0rx can be sent/shared through any and all of your favorite apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Telegram, SMS, Hike, WeChat, Viber, Skype etc.

So go ahead and send your personal messages with no fear of being read by anyone else. Enjoy disappearing messages inside your favorite apps.

Key Features:
Encrypt & Decrypt messages
Encrypt & Decrypt messages with your own passcode
Encrypt messages to disappear after a chosen duration(it wont be decrypted)
Convert into Morse Code and vice-versa

Note: Decrypting a message encrypted by M0rx needs the app. If a custom code has been used for encryption, the receiver should also know the code to decrypt it.

M0rx 1.0.3 更新

Easier to send disappearing messages now.
Hints to help you use the app better.
Bug Fixes.





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系统要求: Android 4.0+

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