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Flying car shooting: war simulator is the Evolution of war machines.

The Battlefield is set; war against terminator human genesis has started. The Enemy has a modern combat plan to invade your country, as they have launched a frontline assault through the airspace to attack your terminator human genesis project with their modern sniper hitman X commando.

The Survival and defense of your country now is in your hands and it totally depend upon your futuristic flying car with shooting simulation; rise above the oceans and save the day.

Your assignment is to protect your Country from the Deadly air attack and assassin, by killing each of your Enemy and nation rivals one by one, shoot all the air rivals and terrorists with your airborne war machine. Finish off nation Enemies in aerial combat and make your country Proud.

On the battlefield of strategy air war of 3d Flying car shooting : war simulator of the most thrilling airborne and grand air battle of Shooting king consisting modern action flying assault as the terminator genesis human commander and warfare air Combat expert.

Lead your regiment of falcons and US army Air force as the ultimate law enforcement officer, Car flying Company commander and marksman Missile fury to take kill shot with an eye of hawk on everybody and eliminate every terrorist in the d day or civil war or world war 3 of air project Terminator human genesis.

You might have played many air combat games of dogfight airborne involving air fighter and a jet fighter, but this game based on the concept of Drag Race Racing Car and Dogfight Battle will take your imagination and air fight playing experience to the completely new level.

Flying car shooting: war simulator mixed version of F-16 fighter jet and Furious Race car. Flying car shooting: war simulator targets all those player who love racing games and super cars and player who love all type of air attack games or air simulation. Flying car shooting: war simulator is the combination of car simulation and air simulation.

How to play Flying car shooting: war simulator:

- Tilt your android device to turn left and right to move flying fighter car.

- Tap on wallets icon to fire wallets Present right bottom of your phone screen.

- Press camera icon to change view of your war car Present at the top of your device.

-Press On guided missile to fire a guided missile on Enemy fighter cars.

- Press on missile icon to fire Missiles button provided just above fire button.

- Press on calibrate icon to calibrate

Flying car shooting: war simulator is packed with following features:

1. Realistic airplane physics applied in car.

2. Futuristic car models with combat warfare weapons used in flying 3D car.

3. Realistic & superb world’s best travel destinations.

4. Flying 3d car with turbo jet engine for car stunts and to get collectables.

5. Amazing views of city, airfields, islands, mountains, jungle etc.

6. Test of Racecar driving skills and Car flying skills for professional car drivers, pilot and stunt riders.

7. Extreme futuristic American muscle car models.

8. Experience an airplane flight 3d pilot while driving.

9. Enjoy airplane flight experience.

10. Perform role of flying 3d pilot in a flying car.

11. Free to explore the world.

12. Amazing HD graphics

13. Furious cars with extreme shooting weapons

14. Exciting Mission, which give thrilling experience




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Android 2.3.2+



Last updated on 2017年07月27日

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!


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