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Defend your Sea against other battle humans Pirates and bullet forces combaters on the modern frontier warfare of dead Sea. This is ultimate war strategy warfare to stop the universe of injustice and growing terrorism on the Line of seas.

You are the only Marine Officer on the battlefield of strategy war of 3d Clash of Marines: War Glory commando contract Navy combat of the most amazing first person shooter survival grand battle consisting modern action of Sea wars as the terminator genesis human commander and warfare expert as the pirates executer. Lead your regiment of Marines as the ultimate law enforcement officer of Special Service Navy and marksman sniper fury for the Pirates and take kill shot on everybody in the d sea day or civil war or world sea war.

Lethal terrorists counter pirates and other FPS shooting targets are on the frontline of waves and triggering you and your Marine forces, in Clash of Marines: War Glory known as best elite Gun shooter 3d warzone games of 2017.

In the modern kombat x sea war, your duty call is to defeat all the uprisings modern attackers emerging on you naval base. United your clan of elite marines and Assault sniper x assassin to strike the Frontline terrorists of the waves.

Fight like a real Navy Warfare expert and call of heroes, be a part of death squad of Dead Sea and prove your real FPS shooting skills on the naval base to fight with the pirates bravely and take kill shot at them. Nothing needed but only the best: Frontier Death Trigger of Modern sea war and Call of Sea: Death ops and Death Strike.

In this commando Navy shooting game-s, you as Army Navy Seal Commander have to kill the terrorists and pirates before they notice your presence in the frontline battlefield area.

Clash of Marines: War Glory is the best 3d FPS shooting game-s against Pirates and terrorists of nation available for free in modern kombat x war Panel.

Command your Marines, Army Navy Seals and simulate your Bullet force, infantrymen and defender of sea, Marine worriors, war Navy planes, marksman sniper and nuclear Torpedo squad.

Command your Marine squad of terminator human genesis as the pro modern 3d King shooter fury of special services Navy war and Torpedo weapons and Sea bomber squad of dead sea in Clash of Marines: War Glory. Use marksman FPS Navy forces rifles, war machine NAVAL gunner, anti air attack gun, portal laser Black hole gun, airborne Sea rifle, Katana knife for cutting Navy ship ropes, grenade launcher RPG Anti ship, silencer Assassin gun and other deadly Naval warfare shooting weapons, as you are the mighty terminator genisis human commander and frontline battlefield hero of nation. You will have to navigate secret lone sea missions to eliminate all pirates and terrorists, survive, and return at the army Naval base.

Clash of Marines: War Glory is special designed and developed for all the FPS Navy and SCI-FI FPS games love. Clash of Marines: War Glory Targets all those gamers who love to play shooting games, war games, Strategy games and war machine games. So, if you are any one of these download now and experience the amazing and thrilling game play of your life.

How to play Clash of Marines: War Glory

Sniper scope to aim at your enemies

Apply fire button for 3d shooting at Pirates and terrorits.

Go for head shot before being onslaught.

Features packed in Clash of Marines: War Glory:

Realistic Ambush missions with different environments.

Easy Controls and addictive gameplay.

Full functional terrorists base location!

Best sound effects and HD graphics.

Multiple enemy targets.

Customize your shooting weapons.

First person shooter action game.

First-person shooter game with incredible console quality visuals




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Yuyun Asmiranda


Android 2.3.2+



Last updated on 2017年08月06日

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!


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