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The survival game, classic game, friend game for party game!

Welcome to Challenge Survival 3D Game, where you may fight for a prize pool and remember that it is your decision whether or not to participate... Will you betray your teammates for the money or will you kill them to win? If you lose, you are dead. Don't be killed off to soon!

Elimination means death. Challenge Fish 3D Game, the new fish horror game about a group of people competing in a deadly game for money. This survival game is completely captivating, twisted, and even emotional. The best thing about Challenge Shoot Games is how dark and twisted it is. If you like blood and gore like I do, you will be pleased with the reward they throw into the horror gun game. Challenge 3D Games is completely captivating from the moment it starts right up until the second it end.

You'll have to play a lot of mini round in order to get the money in this family survival gun game. You can then play childhood fish 3D games from the Challenge Horror 3D, including Red Light - Blue Light - Green Light, Tug of War, Russian Roulette, dalgona candy, Glass Bridge and more. The gameplay is pretty basic, and you will fight as a best character to survival. Select any one of the titles from the various Challenge Survival Game listings to try them. We suggest you pick a mini-round with a famous shoot party gameplay such as tug of war, dalgona candy, Red Light - Blue Light - Green Light, Russian Roulette, Glass Bridge.

- Red light, Blue light, Green Light: The first party survival fish game involves an eerie robot doll that turns around and “looks” for people still moving after the “red light” is given as it scans for violators. The result is death from the shoot gun of the masked man. It's a super-creepy giant schoolgirl robot doll thing
- Dalgona candy: This fish horror family game gives each player a tin of dalgona with a shape dalgona embossed into it, and you must use a sharp object to cut out the shape dalgona without breaking it. That's easy if you have a triangle shape dalgona, not so easy if you picked the umbrella dalgona.
- Glass Bridge: In this round, players have to hop on a row of glass panels: some are fragile and some are thick. So, be careful with your choice to survival.
- Tug of war: Players are splited into two teams and each holds the opposite side of a rope. The goal is to overpower the other team and pull the rope to your side.
- There are also more survival mini round to fight like: tug of war, Russian Roulette, Dalgona... Win until you're the last one alive!

Masked men who can shoot you with their gun inviting hundreds of player to private islands to participate in death party friend 3D games. Are you ready to fight?. Anyone can kill you. Challenge Fish 3D Gun Game is one of the most exciting family game to fight in this time. It mashes up the carefree, idyllic days of childhood with the brutal realism of adulthood as it forces everyday people to compete in life or death matches in a bid.

How to win every death party game in Challenge Survival 3D Game. Players will be sucked in from the start and will remain captivated as death and kill come from throughout the horror friend game. Want more horror survival party mini round to fight ? Be sure to check out new update of the friend game! Trying to survive until the very end.

What's New in the Latest Version 1.1.6

Last updated on Oct 28, 2021

- Add new Gameplays.
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