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TotalPasswords oferece um único armazenamento e seguro para todas as suas senhas.

TotalPasswords offers a single and secure storage for all of your passwords (in fact other "secrets" as pin codes, access codes can be stored here too) while you have to memorize only one master password.
You should use a fairly complex but easy to remember master password because it is used to encrypt all stored secrets so if you forget it all your data will be lost. The application has database backup - restore too, and can be synchronized with passwords kept in Brain2CPU's TotalReminder (v 6.3 or later).
TotalPasswords is completely free and contains no form of advertising.

Novidades da Última Versão 6.6

Last updated on Oct 3, 2022

Small improvements.

Informações Adicionais do Aplicativo

Última versão

Pedido TotalPasswords Atualização 6.6

Atualizado em

Jan 20, 2022

Enviado por

Артур Симонян

Requer Android

Android 6.0+

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