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Tofu Fantasy 2

1.5 for Android


A descrição de Tofu Fantasy 2

Tofu is the leading role this time.

Easy battle to move and crush!

Anyway, move
Buster enemies, talk to characters, pick up items,
While solving a little mystery,
Aim for the TOFU TOWN in your hometown.

[how to play]
- Tap the cursor button to move tofu in 4 directions.
- If you hit a character, you can talk. Some characters are in trouble, so it might be good to help.
- If you hit an enemy (eg, egg), you will fight for the amount you hit.
- Even if defeated by the enemy, it will only be returned to the last stone monument touched.
- GOLD can be used with the various SHOPs that appear over time.
- In addition, it will be saved at the timing you moved the screen.

- ITEM : You can check the effect of the acquired item. In addition, it has an effect only by having all the items.
- MAGIC : You can use various magics. You need items to use magic.
- OTHER : It is setting etc.

Tofu Fantasy 2 1.5 Atualizar

64-bit compatible.
Button position adjustment.

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Categoria: Grátis RPG JOGO

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Enviado por: Nouri Nouri Nouri

Última versão: 1.5Pedido Tofu Fantasy 2 Atualização

Available on: Obter Tofu Fantasy 2 no Google Play

Requerimentos: Android 4.1+

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