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A descrição de Mission S

Adrenaline is rising... let the battle begin! Fly your capsule into a world of uncharted wastelands, and fight your way to victory in brutal high-speed combat.

Mission S is a fast-paced apocalyptic multiplayer survival shooter, now available on mobile platforms. Discover an unforgiving disaster zone, where caches of arms are scattered across the wastes, and roadside vehicles are deadly weapons. There’s no room for cowards in a place where constant struggle is the only path to victory. Get your hands on futuristic technological gear and defeat 39 other players to survive!

1. Don’t Let Up For A Second
Give it all you’ve got! From the moment you land, scavenge a weapon and attack your opponents. A moment’s hesitation could see you taken out. Don’t presume that luck is on your side - even if your enemies haven’t seen you, the ever-constricting boundary of the battlefield won’t let you rest easy.

2. Huge Variety of Vehicles
Take driving to the next level. Drive any vehicle you see, load your allies onboard and race to escape the tightening edges of the battlefield. Discover new ways of play and all-new combat experiences at breakneck speed.

3. Flying Backpacks
Futuristic flying backpacks allow for never-before-seen flying action. Soar through the air and rain down devastation from high above your enemies to achieve total domination.

4. Massive Collection of Diverse Weapons
When you’re sick of cookie-cutter shooting experiences, more bullets just won’t cut it. Each unique weapon is a different experience, testing your tactical abilities.

5. Energy Charging System
An all-new energy charging system powers your flight gear and your weapons, as well as helping strengthen your armor and achieve battlefield dominance. Unlock your battle potential and test your limits in nerve-wracking combat.

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Enviado por: Celeste López

Última versão: 1.0Pedido Mission S Atualização

Available on: Obter Mission S no Google Play

Requerimentos: Android 8.0+

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