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Powerful Android Booster - Speed Up Your Phone

61.0 for Android

Yuriy Kolomiec

A descrição de Powerful Android Booster - Speed Up Your Phone

🎉Greet the new booster🎉, this accelerator application has collected all the most desired functions. In addition, there is an improved design and interface.🎁

⬇️Downloading⬇️ the accelerator you ensure longer battery life, a smart charge, а good gadget speed, effective phone cleaning, clean cache, free space in the memory thanks to memory accelerator and as a result, your phone will work like a new one, thanks to the integrated optimizer. ‼️And all this is absolutely free‼️

🔋 Longer battery life 🔋
If you notice that your phone is hot or the charge is dropping quickly, do not panic. With this super phone cleaner you can optimize your gadget. Go to settings and click “cool the phone” and use optimizer, if you use it regularly, soon you will observe that the charge lasts longer, and the phone works normally. The android booster&phone cleaner has not been so versatile yet🤩

🗑Clean the trash🗑
Every time when we delete apps and games, we forget that cache also remains in memory. Using the game accelerator, you can easily clean cache from apps or games and in the future delete immediately unnecessary applications and delete cache along with them.✂️

🗂Memory accelerator 🗂
If after you have removed apps you still don’t have enough memory space, don’t despair. It is enough to delete old videos, photos and files, just use memory accelerator. For example, we often take a lot of identical photos, with the help of android booster, you will make phone cleaning really quick, you can delete low-quality images or choose the best one from a dozen identical ones and clean the trash, don’t forget to clean cache from them!🔎

🚀Speed up the phone🚀
Why do you need accelerator application? If your gadget has many programs open at the same time, then it starts to work slowly. For this requires an accelerator, you urgently need to optimize phone, use optimizer for programs and game accelerator too. After that, use android booster and speed up the phone, it automatically delete cache and clean the trash, return the phone to normal efficiency and optimize it.🔝

You can also optimize apps performance. 🛠 They will work without failures, extra cache and will not spend much energy. This way you will also ensure longer battery life, because of smart charge.🛡

Due to the fact that the accelerator application was updated, it has a very simple settings, even those who have never used booster, game accelerator or accelerator at all, will understand everything. You just need to go into the settings ⚙️ and select the desired option,such as delete cache/clean the trash, cool the phone, speed up the phone, optimize phone, accelerator/booster, phone cleaning, smart charge, as you see, everything is very simple!🏆

If you are dissatisfied with your phone and are already looking for a replacement, don’t rush! Let's deal with it.🤔Is the phone overheating and you don’t know how to cool the phone? Can't open games and apps? Are you doing phone cleaning, but the memory is constantly lacking?
You don’t need to spend money on repairman services just to check the phone or for a lot of apps, as you can download the android booster&phone cleaner and optimize your gadget independently.
🆘Don’t need to download a lot of expensive apps such as booster or accelerator application to speed up the phone, game accelerator, optimizer to optimize phone, phone cleaner to delete cache, memory accelerator, smart charge to cool the phone for longer battery life and many others?🤯

⬇️download⬇️ a new accelerator and restore your gadget🤖

Powerful Android Booster - Speed Up Your Phone 61.0 Atualizar

Bug fixes

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