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MTN Secure Chat for Android

Cellcrypt Inc.

A descrição de MTN Secure Chat


MTN Secure Chat is the next generation of secure, encrypted communications for mobile and desktop. Combining military-grade encryption with the intuitive ease of use of a consumer messaging app to protect your organization and provide peace of mind.

MTN Secure Chat enables secure voice and conference calling, messaging and file/document sharing between any MTN Secure Chat enabled devices, all protected by best-in-class encryption. The app works across all smart devices and desktops, and allows users to communicate securely between platforms on the technology they have in place.

MTN Secure Chat uses a unique double-layer AES 256 & RC4 384 end-to-end crypto scheme, with new session keys for each call and message, affording all users market leading encrypted communication.

As part of CSG’s commitment to responsible encryption, MTN Secure Chat is only available to enterprise and government users after a screening process, and is not available to individual consumers.

Secure Voice
Voice calls are fully encrypted end-to-end and are routed through the mobile device’s data connection. MTN Secure Chat’s adaptive voice codecs ensure low data and battery use, with no degradation of voice quality. Providing full authentication to eliminate the risks of impersonation through Caller ID spoofing.

Conference calling
Group calling can be set up instantly from contacts list, just like a regular call. Users can schedule mobile and desktop conference calling with automatic email invites, plus call moderating, mute and eject options for the call initiator, and no need for third-party administrators or passwords.  

Private Messaging
Secure messages can be sent between smartphones, PCs and Macs while ensuring the privacy of conversations. Authenticated group messaging can also be set up at will and can be defined locally by the user or centrally by the organization with total security and control.

Document and file sharing
MTN Secure Chat allows users to securely share photos, videos, voice clips, documents and even full file attachments with the ease of use of a consumer app. Providing a secure alternative to unprotected and unencrypted email communications.

Strong encryption
MTN Secure Chat provides the highest level of encryption and authentication to protect against call interception and eavesdropping. Messages and file transfers are also encrypted end-to-end to ensure privacy.

*Application may not be used for emergency calling.

MTN Secure Chat Atualizar

What`s new:
- Redesigned chat screen.
- Multiple selection on the chat screen.
- Fixed an issue with outgoing attachments not uploading if the user left the chat screen.
- Fixed an issue where the voice note lock was not working with the keyboard active.
- Fixed an issue causing notifications to display a wrong number of incoming messages.
- General bug fixes and stability improvements

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