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MechLab Pro - smart Tools for engineers

1.2 for Android


A descrição de MechLab Pro - smart Tools for engineers

The app currently offers 7 functions in its smart toolbox.

1. Folding rule:
It's not just a ruler. With the MechLab folding rule can be measured areas of unlimited length. Simply press the display with your finger and slide the device underneath.

2nd protractor:
With the protractor you can quickly measure Tilt. The position sensor in the device shows the exact angle.

3. survey:
This is a digital caliper. Simply place the object on the display and outline it. The length, width and area are already displayed.

4. Magnetic sensor:
With the magnetic sensor, magnetic fields can be detected and the strength is displayed. With some sensors, power lines can be found in the wall.

5. Spirit level:
A practical spirit level makes leveling easier. A circular vial and digital display show the inclination.

6. Compare:
This function can be used to quickly compare the bolts or nuts required. In the app these are displayed in real size. No more guessing which mother you need right now. Just compare. currently only metric!

7. Light measurement:
The tool shows the current LUX value with the built-in sensor in the device. A measurement can be started to get the maximum value. Ideal to analyze the lighting in the room or to measure TV, monitor.

In order for the app to work precisely, it has to be calibrated once. With the function in the app, it's really quick. A ruler or the narrow side of a credit card will do.

Please note that the app must have the following sensors integrated for all functions.
-Orientation sensor
-Magnetic sensor
-Light sensor

If you are missing a function, please contact

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