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A descrição de Envol

Ready to get the motivation you need in your life to improve your health and well-being and feel in great shape with Envol?

Our self-healing tracker helps you set the right conditions in your life so that you can optimize your health, reduce stress, improve insomnia, lower your heart rate, experience more emotional balance, improve the symptoms of a chronic illness and start feeling at the best of your potential.

The toolbox helps you deeply relax as well as attract your dream future thanks to unique recordings based on the law of attraction.


Every morning, calculate your score, based on how well you’re nourishing your body and your balance between activity and rest. Thanks to its unique algorithm, our self-healing tracker calculates how much you’ve recharged your body and mind for the day. For those who need it, Envol can be a great addition to any healing protocol you are doing and help you relieve the symptoms of chronic illness.

You will receive a personalized text to help you spot areas of improvements and congratulate you for your efforts and healing habits.

After that, you can access the Toolbox during the day to enjoy a healing meditation, or speak positive affirmations to yourself, to slow down your breathing, or to relax and listen to music created to improve your mood and well-being. This tool is also an addition to any healing protocol to recover from a chronic illness.


• Receive personalized advice on areas to improve in your life
• Become aware of which habits are draining or which are healing and recharging your body
• Enjoy the rewards of a healthy lifestyle in your life with an improved health and accumulate medals
• Every day, receive a motivation quote
• Practice the law of attraction with the visualization musics from the Toolbox (created based on the law of attraction to help you visualize your dream future).


Accumulating medals with high scores, as well as practicing positive thinking with the daily help of affirmations, guided meditation, deep breathing, and listening to motivational music can help you recover quickly from chronic illness and bring the following into your life:

• Improved mood
• Less physical symptoms (especially when battling a chronic illness)
• Overall better sense of purpose and well-being
• Lowered heart rate
• Improved sleep
• Higher metabolism
• Happier and more balanced
• Reduced stress levels
• Support you in your healing protocol

A little motivation is all you need!


• Personalized self-healing tracker to improve your health
• Calculate your daily score
• Earn medals to maximize your health potential
• Track your progress with the self-healing tracker
• Receive unique content based on your health group
• Receive your daily dose of motivation in the form of quotes
• Access Envol’s toolbox with lists of affirmations, guided meditation, a heart coherence breathing module and visualization music created based on the law of attraction.


• Positive affirmations
• Guided Meditations (discover the power of meditation with quality audios and music)
• Heart coherence breathing module
• Visualization music (law of attraction, feeling elevated emotions and visualizing your dream future, which is how the law of attraction helps you manifest your dream future. You can also use this music as unguided meditation)


• Free version with limited access to features (2 meditations, 2 affirmations, the breathing module, 2 visualization music)
• Envol offers a monthly, annual or lifetime paid subscription to unlock full access to all features.
• The subscription automatically renews at the end of the subscription period.
• You can stop the automatic renewal from your Google Play Store account at any time.

Download our self-healing tracker and get all the motivation you need to improve your health or help you recover from chronic illness.

Envol 1.9 Atualizar

- 3D sound journeys added to the Toolbox
- Bug fixing

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