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DTO Poker - Your GTO MTT Poker Trainer

3.3.3 for Android

DTO Poker Ltd

A descrição de DTO Poker - Your GTO MTT Poker Trainer

Many elite poker players study game theory to ensure they make the best decisions at the table. Crunching the numbers using advanced computer simulations, their aim is to play as close to ‘game theory optimal’ (GTO) as possible.

DTO Poker brings the results of thousands of hours of this GTO study, from some of the world’s best poker players, straight to your phone!

Learn to play optimal poker by:

• Diving into specific MTT and SNG situations and playing hand after hand, testing your decision-making skills vs. mathematically proven GTO solutions
• Setting up the precise scenario you want to practise, adjusting variables like stack sizes and position
• Receiving a grade for every hand you play; instant feedback shows how close your decisions are to GTO, and exactly where you can improve
With over 100,000,000 MTT and SNG scenarios pre-solved and ready to play there is no need to spend money on expensive poker coaching.

Conceived and developed by professional poker players, DTO Poker offers a unique, effective, fun way to train through play.

Now the benefits of advanced poker study are available to everyone, whether you’re an amateur playing a few hands to hone your instincts for your home game, or a professional exploring the deeper concepts of GTO. Get ready to transform your game for the better!

DTO Poker is free to play, with two paid subscription tiers available for advanced players:

• ‘Grinder’ will teach you how to implement a GTO-based style across a variety of spots
• ‘High Roller’ was designed specifically for the needs of today's tournament professionals

With a busy community on Discord, you’ll always find plenty of players happy to discuss poker strategy. Follow us on social media, and if you're a beginner don't hesitate to reach out to with any questions. We're always happy to help!

Please note, DTO Poker is designed for poker training and does not offer online or real money gameplay.

* Some adjustable parameters may be available to subscribers only.

Terms of Use:

DTO Poker - Your GTO MTT Poker Trainer 3.3.3 Atualizar

* Handling of web and mobile subscriptions

* Several minor issues

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